Collection: The Shared Scooter Model MAX Powered by Segway®

Check out the video of the new Model MAX - Powered by Segway.

The Shared Scooter MAX - Powered by Segway® improves rider experience, mobility, safety and control through the following features:

  1. 10-inch front and back tubeless tyres is flat proof, has a better ride experience and mobility on various terrain
  2. Built-in 3A high power charger, can be paired with 5A super charger for ride sharing operations
  3. Maintenance free - double brake systems provide better safety and stability
  4. Significantly extended battery life - with a single charge, range exceeds 60km
  5. Made from aircraft grade aluminium allow frame that can sustain up to 1.3 metric ton of static load test
  6. Specially designed cable protection to prevent from excessive wear and vandalism
  7. 350W Rear Drive with high torque motor for sustainable propulsion on various terrain

Overall, the Shared Scooter MAX - Powered by Segway® is tougher, more powerful and more efficient than ever before.

Because it is designed for commercial ride sharing use, we don't have any details on whether this will ever be available for the public or retail customers.

Moreover, the scooter does not seem to be foldable like the Ninebot by Segway™ ES2 Kickscooter.


At Zimotion, We sell high-end personal transportation vehicles which make getting around easier than ever. We only stock the best quality brands, Segway®, Ninebot™ and Xiaomi.

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